Phigalia strigataria
Phigalia strigataria  (Small Phigalia)

Field Marks

Females are flightless. Males: wings variable in coloration: whitish gray, brown, or greenish, without much brown or black shading.


The PM line is outwardly dentate, but nearly straight near the inner margin, whearas in P. denticulata, the PM line is makes a deep U-shaped bend. Compare these two species carefully.
P. strigataria often has two smoothed-looking areas on the FW, where the lines are softened or absent, and the background is less mottled. Additionally, a dark spot is often formed where the PM line joins or comes close to the median line.


Distribution pattern: Eastern.

Phigalia strigataria
Rindge 1975
McGuffin 1977
Cornell University
Reilly pers obs

Phigalia strigataria
Phigalia denticulata
Phigalia titea

Life History

These moths emerge in late winter, one of the earliest moths of the year.

Host Plants


Similar Species

Phigalia denticulata

Phigalia titea


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