Melanolophia signataria
Melanolophia signataria  (Signate Melanolophia)
Field Marks

Brown to light gray wings. Note marking that looks a bit like a child's drawing of a seagull in flight. The difficulty comes in separating this species from the Canadian Melanolophia (M. canadaria), which is supposedly darker, more mottled, and has a more crooked PM line.


M. imperfectaria also seems to be virtually identical in appearance, but it is only known to occur in FL and TX.


Distribution pattern: Eastern.
The subspecies timucuae is only recorded from one location in western Florida.

Melanolophia signataria signataria
Melanolophia signataria timucuae
McGuffin 1977
Rindge 1964
Reilly pers obs

Melanolophia signataria
Melanolophia canadaria
Melanolophia imperfectaria

Host Plants

alder, elm, birch, fir, larch, maple, oak, poplar, spruce

Similar Species

Melanolophia canadaria

Melanolophia imperfectaria


Rindge FH. 1964. A revision of the genera Melanolophia, Pherotesia, and Melanotesia. Bulletin of the AMNH 126 (3): 308.