Melanolophia canadaria
Melanolophia canadaria  (Canadian Melanolophia)
Field Marks

Dark brown or brown mottled wings. Note marking that looks a bit like a child's drawing of a seagull in flight. This marking is useful for distinguishing this genus.

The difficulty comes in separating this species from the Signate Melanolophia (M. signataria), which is supposedly lighter, less mottled, and has a straighter PM line. Forbes (1948) states that signataria has a smoother look with less wavy markings.


This species appears to be more susceptible to parasitic mites than most.


Distribution pattern: Eastern.

Melanolophia canadaria canadaria
Melanolophia canadaria crama
Melanolophia canadaria choctawe
McGuffin 1977
Rindge 1964
Reilly pers obs

Melanolophia canadaria
Melanolophia signataria
Melanolophia imperfectaria

Host Plants

birch, elm, maple, oak, pine, cherry

Similar Species

Melanolophia signataria

Ectropis crepuscularia

Melanolophia imperfectaria


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