Lycia ypsilon
Lycia ypsilon  (Wooly Gray)

Field Marks

A big, thickly built geometrid with a body more like a noctuid. Females are wingless. There is a subspecies L. ypsilon carlotta that is found only in Florida.


Similar to L. ursaria but more colorful, with at least some orange or yellow shading. The exact pattern of shading is highly variable.


Distribution pattern: Eastern.
(Mississippi valley and Atlantic Coast?)

This is the only species in this genus found in the southern US.

Lycia ypsilon ypsilon
Lycia ypsilon carlotta
Rindge 1975
McGuffin 1977

Lycia ypsilon
Lycia ursaria
Lycia rachelae

Life History

Scrubland species (Wagner et al 2003).

This species is critically imperiled in MA.

These moths emerge in early spring.

Host Plants


Similar Species

Lycia ursaria

Lycia rachelae

Biston betularia


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