Lycia rachelae
Lycia rachelae  (Twilight Moth)

Field Marks

This moth looks very unlike the other members of the genus, with nearly translucent white wings with black lines. See a nice photo at this website. Females are wingless.


In some ways, this moth is more suggestive of a Lasiocampid like Tolype vellada than a Lycia.


Distribution pattern: Northern.

Lycia rachelae
McGuffin 1977
Rindge 1975
Lynn Scott

Lycia rachelae
Lycia ursaria
Lycia ypsilon

Life History

Scrubland species (Wagner et al 2003).

This species is critically imperiled in ME, MA, imperiled in NH.

Host Plants

Generalist on deciduous trees (Rindge 1975).

Similar Species

Lycia ursaria

Tolype vellada


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