Lomographa glomeraria
Lomographa glomeraria  (Gray Spring Moth)
Field Marks

Finely mottled gray wings with scalloped lines. Small. Lines darker on FW than HW. Discal spots very prominent. According to Rindge (1979) there is considerable geographic variation in this species. Texas specimens were formerly considered to be a different species virginalis.


This moth rests either with wings outstretched or wings overlapping--usually not with wings held together butterfly-style as semiclarata often does.


Distribution pattern: Eastern.

Lomographa glomeraria
Rindge 1979
Prentice 1963
Reilly pers obs
McGuffin 1981

Lomographa glomeraria
Lomographa vestaliata
Lomographa semiclarata

Host Plants


Similar Species

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