Iridopsis vellivolata
Iridopsis vellivolata  (Large Purplish Gray)
Field Marks

Distinctive purplish cast to medium gray wings. Shading is warm red-brown.


Line pattern resembles that of , but coloration is very different. I. humaria may also have a purplish cast, but it is considerably smaller and has a different line pattern.


Distribution pattern: Eastern

Iridopsis vellivolata
Rindge 1966
McGuffin 1977
Reilly pers obs
Morris 1980

Iridopsis vellivolata
Iridopsis humaria
Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis ephyraria
Iridopsis larvaria
Iridopsis cypressaria
Iridopsis pergracilis

Life History

Fairly uncommon.

Similar Species

Iridopsis defectaria

Iridopsis humaria


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