Iridopsis larvaria
Iridopsis larvaria  (Bent-line Gray)
Field Marks

Whitish gray wings, sometimes with a yellowish tint. The PM line bends sharply on the HW, but the angle is surprisingly variable.


This species complex is most easily confused with I. ephyraria or I. defectaria.

TAXONOMY NOTE: The Iridopsis larvaria / emasculatum species complex

The species I. emasculatum was originally desribed as a subspecies of I. humaria by Dyar (1904). It was elevated to the species status in McDunnough (1938), but then combined with larvaria by McGuffin (1977). It was then reinstated to species status by Hodges et al (1983). It maintained its species status in Scoble et al (1999).


Distribution pattern: Eastern.
There have been a lot of differing opinions about the distribution of I. larvaria, mainly due to confusion with I. emasculatum:
larvaria occurs from eastern Canada south to GA, but not as far west as TX (Wagner 2005)-- emasculatum is apparently a western species. McGuffin (1977) believed larvaria to be the same as emasculatum, so most of the records plotted on the map from western Canada are probably emasculatum. He reported the range of 'larvaria' as NL-GA-Durango, Mexico-AL. Forbes (1948) reported the range as NS-GA-OR-the Miramichi River, ON. Covell (1984) reported NL-GA-MS-MB. We have plotted one possible dividing line between these two species as a dotted red line on the map.

Iridopsis larvaria/emasculatum
McGuffin 1977
Reilly pers obs
Cornell University
Forbes 1948

Iridopsis larvaria/emasculatum
Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis ephyraria
Iridopsis vellivolata
Iridopsis humaria
Iridopsis cypressaria
Iridopsis pergracillis

Life History

The pupa overwinters (Wagner 2005).

Host Plants

Generalist. Foodplants include alder, apple, birch, cherry, dogwood, elderberry, goldenrod, poplar, sweetfern, viburnum, willow, etc (Wagner 2005)

Similar Species

Iridopsis defectaria

Iridopsis ephyraria

Iridopsis vellivolata


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