Iridopsis ephyraria
Iridopsis ephyraria  (Pale-winged Gray)
Field Marks

Overall base color of wings very pale gray, although markings are usually quite contrasty.


PM line on hindwing slightly scalloped. This moth looks very similar to Anavitrinella pampinaria from a distance.


Distribution pattern: Northeastern

Iridopsis ephyraria
Rindge 1966
McGuffin 1977
Forbes 1948
Reilly pers obs

Iridopsis ephyraria
Iridopsis larvaria / emasculatum
Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis vellivolata
Iridopsis humaria
Iridopsis cypressaria
Iridopsis pergracilis

Life History

Adult flies in the summer.

Similar Species

Iridopsis larvaria

Iridopsis defectaria

Anavitrinella pampinaria


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