Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis defectaria  (Brown-shaded Gray)
Field Marks

Whitish gray wings, no trace of purple. One of the larger species of Iridopsis.


Prominent warm brown shading outside PM line and inside AM line. PM line strongly concave near inner margin. A very distinctive feature is that there are two small indentations in the PM line where it bulges at wing cells Cu1 and Cu2. Notice the peninsula-shaped hollow spot on hindwing coming off PM line.


Distribution pattern: southeastern.
Rindge (1966) suggests that individuals seen as far north as NJ are probably migrants or strays""

Iridopsis defectaria
Rindge 1966
Reilly pers obs
Cornell University

Iridopsis defectaria
Iridopsis larvaria
Iridopsis vellivolata
Iridopsis humaria
Iridopsis ephyraria
Iridopsis pergracilis
Iridopsis cypressaria

Life History

Adults have been found in all months of the year (Rindge 1966). In VA, moths are found Jan-Oct.

Host Plants

Oak, Poplar, Sweet Cherry, Willow, etc (Rindge 1966)

Similar Species

Iridopsis ephyraria

Iridopsis larvaria


Rindge FH. 1966. A revision of the moth genus Anacamptodes (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 132 (3): 177-243.