Hypomecis luridula
Hypomecis luridula  (Violet Umber)
Field Marks

Wings very pale gray with distinct violet cast. Unlike any other species in the genus. There are usually few markings on the wing, if any.


This moth is most similar to Glena cognataria, which has similar coloration, but cognatariausually has more distinct lines and is smaller.


Distribution pattern: Florida endemic.

Hypomecis luridula
Rindge 1973

Hypomecis luridula
Hypomecis umbrosaria
Hypomecis gnophoraria
Hypomecis buchholzaria

Life History

2 generations: Jan-May, Aug-Sept (Rindge 1973)

Host Plants

unknown (Rindge 1973)

Similar Species

Glena cognataria


Rindge FH. 1973. A revision of the North American species of the genus Pseudoboarmia (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). American Museum Novitates 2514: 27 pp.