Hypomecis buchholzaria
Hypomecis buchholzaria  (Dark Umber)

Field Marks

Darker than other Hypomecis species, and with less pronounced markings, but otherwise very similar to the umbrosaria/gnophoraria


Rindge (1973) remarks that this species is uncommon and seldom collected.


Distribution pattern: Atlantic and Gulf Coastal.

Hypomecis buchholzaria
Rindge 1973

Hypomecis buchholzaria
Hypomecis luridula
Hypomecis gnophoraria
Hypomecis umbrosaria

Life History

Scrubland species (Wagner et al 2003).

This species is critically imperiled in MA.

Host Plants

Sweet fern (Rindge 1973)

Similar Species

Hypomecis umbrosaria


Rindge FH. 1973. A revision of the North American species of the genus Pseudoboarmia (Lepidoptera, Geometridae). American Museum Novitates 2514: 27 pp.