Glenoides texanaria
Glenoides texanaria  (Texas Gray)
Field Marks

The range is the key for this moth, since according to Blanchard (1973), this species is best told from G. lenticuligera by the genitalia. As long as you're not in Texas, texanaria is your moth.


Comparing the two species, supposedly texanaria is:
1) larger
2) has more defined transverse lines
3) wing background nearly clean of scattered brown scales and blotches (Blanchard 1973).


TX, LA, MS, AR, MO, KY, SC, FL? (Rindge 1973).
G. lenticuligera is only found in Texas.

Glenoides texanaria
Rindge 1973

Glenoides texanaria
Glenoides lenticuligera

Similar Species

Glenoides lenticuligera

Iridopsis defectaria

Aethalura intertexta


Rindge FH. 1973

Blanchard 1973