Glena plumosaria
Glena plumosaria  (Dainty Gray)
Field Marks

This is a highly distinctive species, unlike any other Glena in the East, though there are a number of species of Glena and Stenoporpia in the West with this general appearance.

Lines are complete, or nearly so. Median area is contrastingly lighter. Abdomen is not spotted, but has thin bands.


Some specimens have very dark shading.


Distribution pattern: Southeastern.

The range of this species is very poorly known.

Glena plumosaria
Rindge 1965
McGuffin 1977
Cornell University
Reilly pers obs

Glena plumosaria
Glena cognataria
Glena cribrataria

Host Plants

Specialist? on cedar (Wagner 2005)

Similar Species

Stenoporpia polygrammaria


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