Glena cognataria
Glena cognataria  (Blueberry Gray)

Field Marks

Wings very pale gray with a purplish cast. Lines black but often faint and broken into spots. Often some diffuse gray shading beyond PM line.


This species looks a little like cribrataria but also take a look at Hypomecis lurida.


Distribution pattern: Atlantic coastal.

Glena cognataria
Rindge 1965
McGuffin 1977
Cornell University

Glena cognataria
Glena cribrataria
Glena plumosaria

Life History

Wetland species (Wagner et al 2003).

This species is critically imperiled in NY, rare in MA, NH.

Host Plants

Blueberry (Covell 1984)

Similar Species

Glena cribrataria

Hypomecis lurida


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