Erannis tiliaria
Erannis tiliaria  (Linden Looper)

Field Marks

The females of this species are wingless, but have very distinctive bold markings on the back.


The eastern subspecies tiliaria tiliaria is much plainer and less boldly marked than the western subspecies vancouverensis.


Distribution pattern: Northern

The eastern subspecies occurs throughout northern half of the US, and is replaced by vancouverensis on the west coast.

Oddly enough, the European species E. defoliaria occurs in Iceland (Wolff 1971).

Erannis tiliaria tiliaria
Erannis tiliaria vancouverensis
McGuffin 1977
Rindge 1975
Cornell University
Wolff 1971

Erannis tiliaria
Erannis defoliaria

Similar Species

Erannis defoliaria


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