Cleora sublunaria
Cleora sublunaria  (Greenish Double-lined Gray)
Field Marks

Numerous characters have been suggested to separate this species from C. projecta, including position of the PM line, sharpness of the ST line, width of the head and eyes, color of the thorax front (Rindge 1972), antennae (McGuffin 1977), subtle wing tint (Forbes 1948), and whiteness of the median area (Covell 1984). In my experience, none of these characters seem to do a very reliable job. C. sublunaria does often seem to have more uniform light coloration in the median area, though projecta can be this way, too.


Note the white tuft of scales where the thorax meets the abdomen. This tuft is distinctive for this genus.


Distribution pattern: Eastern.

Cleora sublunaria
McGuffin 1977
Rindge 1972
Reilly pers obs
Cornell University

Cleora sublunaria
Cleora projecta

Similar Species

Cleora projecta


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