Biston betularia
Biston betularia  (Peppered Moth)
Field Marks

Both males and females have fully formed wings and look similar. Wings highly variable in coloration: light or dark gray, brownish, or black.


This is one of the largest geometrids in North America, and has a very stocky body and long wings. The wing shape and position is very distinctive, giving the moth an unmistakable outline. Wings are almost never folded over the body.


Distribution pattern: Northern.

The subspecies B. betularia cognataria is restricted to North America. Europe has subspecies B. betularia betularia.

Biston betularia cognataria
Biston betularia contrasta
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Life History

These moths emerge in summer.

This moth was made famous by Kettlewell's natural selection experiments (Kettlewell 1955, 1956).

Host Plants

Generalist. Feeds on deciduous trees and shrubs including:
Acer, Alnus, Amelanchier, Betula, Larix, Malus, Prunus, Quercus, Rhus, Ribes, Aster, etc (Tietz 1972).

Similar Species

Lycia ursaria


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